- Most fires start small. They often spread rapidly onto surrounding flammable surfaces and before long the phenomenon of flash over occurs, where superheated gasses cause a whole room to errupt into flame within minutes.

- Hartindo AF21 prevents that spread of flame confining the fire to the ignition source whichcan be readily extinguished, or goes out by itself.


Can be done on site by spraying, dipping or padding. Dense materials such as hardwood can be treated by vacuum pressure.

  • 1 Liter of AF21 solution can treat 8 – 10 m2 depending on the thickness of material.
  • The best application is in two stages. First a light spray is applied and left for 5 minutes then a second, and

heavier spray

  • For industrial use application can be done at the manufacturing stage


  • MEASUREMENT : Measure accurately. For curtains, measure with all pleats flattened. Linings will also require treatment.
  • COLORFASTNESS : Pre test any suspect fabric for dye run by wetting with the solution and rubbing it against a cleanwhite piece of fabric or paper towel/ tissue.
  • FLAMMABILITY : Small piece of hem / selvedge or piece of waste material should be tested for effective treatment prior to treating the whole item. Hold the treated sample with tweaters and applyflame to test.
  • CLEAN UP : Any over spray should be removed with a damp cloth. Rinse application equipment in warm water.
  • HANDLING AND STORAGE: Hartindo AF21presents no usual hazards but all usual industrial handling precautionsshould be observed. In case of skin / eye contract, rinse with water. Store in air tight containers. Agitate before use.


Hartindo AF21 Testing Labs:

British Standards BS 476 part 6&7, BS5852 part 1&2, BS 5867, BS4790, BS7176, DIN4102, CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), US Regulations ASTM E84-70, UL723, NFPA701 NFPA2112, NFPA255, ANSI 2.5, FAA (Federal Aviation Authority), SISIR (Singapore) and SIRIM (Malaysia).