• Portable

    Hartindo AF11E

In portable form the performance of Hartindo AF 11E equals that of Halon 1211, (LPC-UK, EN3).

  • Clean, no mess.
  • Multi purpose, ABC
  • Electrically no-conductive

Standard throw 3-metres. With special Hartindo nozzle long range throw of 10 meters is achieved.

Ideal for all indoor uses and recognized for its cleanliness the AF 11E Portable rang has been widely used to protect homes offices, banks, factories and museums. Hartindo AF 11E has also suitable for outside use and proved to be very effective in high winds. The High Boiling point of Hartindo AF 11E, (27C) means more extinguishing agent reaches the heart of the fire where the gas is evaporates and kills the fire by a combination of cooling and breaking the chemical chain of combustion.

These stored pressure units range in size from: 1kg, 2.5kg, 6kg and 25kg as well as 50kg trolley are readily available. The 2.5kg is rapidly replacing the 6kg/9kg dry powder units. Whilst effective in killing fire, the damage from the dry chemical is often more extensive than that caused by the fire.

Many ladies simply cannot lift, let alone operate a 6kg/9kg dry chemical.

No such problem with a 2.5kg Hartindo AF11E.

Portable Hartindo

Hartindo AF 11E Testing Labs :

SGS UK, LPC BRE, Huntingdon Life Sciences UK, WIL Research Laboratory USA, SISIR Singapore, Bomba Fire & Rescue Malaysia, EN3-Europe, Depnaker Indonesia.