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    Hartindo AF11E


Hartindo AF11E

Hartindo AF11E is a clean agent fire extinguishing chemical, a careful blend of dichlorotrifluroethane, (HCFC 123) and Hartindo proprietary brand that improve the fire fighting properties of HCFC 123 and its toxicity for the application in the room.

Advantages of Hartindo AF11E:
Belonging to the Halocarbon group of vaporizing liquid fire extinguishing chemicals it is similar in action to Halon but without any of the environmental or toxicity problems associated with Halons. Of all the Halocarbon alternatives to Halon Hartindo AF11E has the lowest overall environmental impact.
ODP .0.016
GWP 93
ALT 1.5 Years
Bromine free (produces no bromophosgene)
CFC free (SGS UK)

In common with other Halocarbons Hartindo AF11E is:
Multi Purpose: A,B,C class of Fires
Clean Agent: leaves no Residue
Electrically non conductive

Unique Qualities of Hartindo AF11E
It is the only replacement to Halon that can be used as both a total flooding gas as well as a streaming agent for use in Portable fire extinguishers as a 1:1 Halon (1301 and 1211) drop in replacement.


A) Total Flooding System Hartindo AF11E system has been fully tested by LPC BRE UK to LPR 6 :
  1. Minimum Design Concentration (class A, B) of 5 %
  2. Discharge time 10 seconds
  3. Working pressure 25 bar and 40 bar
  4. Hold time 10 minutes
  5. No thermal shock
  6. Low HF level compatible to Halon
  7. Utilize 100% Halon piping, valve, cylinder system and its calculation
  8. Able to extinguish Baffled Fire
  9. Protects all hazard room that Halon protects
  10. Causes little obscuration
Hartindo Product


B) Local Application

Hartindo also qualifies as a streaming agent for Portable Fire Extinguishers use and hence it is the best local Application Agent.

Its high +270C Boiling Point enable Hartindo AF11E to be projected over 5 meters to reach further.

Its low HF makes Hartindo AF 11E the most if not only suitable agent to protect turbine instalation.

The fact that Hartindo AF 11E as tested by the LPC UK and EN3 Europe is a Halon 1211 equivalent in performance provide users with the most potent Local Application system.



1) Thermatic Hartindo AF 11E

Thermatic system is a small cylinder (1 kg, 5 kg, and 7 kg size available) equipped with a glass bulb that would automatically break at a preset temperature and extinguish fires quickly and release all Hartindo AF11E in the cylinder.

Thermatic system is best used in closed control panels compartment and other sensitive electronics storage as it needs little maintenance and most importantly non conductive and non corrosive.






2) Patriot Hartindo AF 11E

Hartindo Patriot is comprised of:

  • Thermatic unit
  • Detonable Pin, and
  • Smoke Detector System (this can be integrated to Control Panel)

How Patriot works:

Patriot uses both heat and smoke sensor.

  • Fire smoke is immediately detected by independent smoke detector or/and heat detector
  • Signal is then sent to the actuator that detonates the pin to break glass bulb
  • Fire is extinguished within second as the earliest stage

Hartindo Patriot is best used in closed small rooms with area up to 3 m2 floor area.




Patriot Thermatic